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.   INDEX:   Home Page
2.   PAGE 2:  Keep Your Notebook Organized and Links to Other Pages
3.   PAGE 3:  Reading Requirements and Suggested Reading Lists
4.   PAGE 4:  You must scroll down to see the following lessons and links for language arts and reading
      a.  Writing Portfolio
      b.  Lexile Framework :  Boy reading a book
      c.  Opening Lesson for School:  Metaphor File Folders
      d.  Suns:  Reading Sites and Book Lists
      e.  Lesson - The Light in the Forest:  Elements of a Story
      f.  Lesson - Multisyllable Words
      g.  Vocabulary for The Light in the Forest and Lord of the Flies
      h.  Lesson - The Light in the Forest:  What is in a name?
      i.  Newsboy: Reading List
      j.  Essential Question:  How does FCAT prepare you for the real world?
      k.  Approaches to Learning - Reading to Comprehend
      l.  Poetry:  Determining Figurative Language
5.   PAGE 5:  The Watson's Go to Birmingham (Not complete)
6.   PAGE 6:  Table of Contents
7.   PAGE 7:  Under Construction
8.   PAGE 8:  Under Construction
9.   PAGE 9:  Under Construction
10. PAGE 10:  IB MYP Unit Plan using the novel, Homeless Bird:  Commonalities and Differences in Culture: In India and Your Culture 
11. PAGE 11:  IB MYP Unit Plan using the novel, Shabanu:  Commonalities and Differences in Culture: In the Cholistan Dessert and Your Culture
12. PAGE 12:  Under Construction
13. PAGE 13:  Under Construction
14: PAGE 14:  Under Construction
15. PAGE 15:  Under Construction
16. PAGE 16:  Under Construction (stars background)
17. PAGE 17:  Under Construction (cloud background)
18. PAGE 18:  Note:  Links include ALA Award Wining Books and Best Books for Young Adults
      a.  The Third Wish and The Monkey's Paw - Writing to Persuade
      b.  Classroom Jobs
      c.  "Boy: Tales of Childhood," by Roald Dahl 
      d.  "Growing Up," by Russell Baker
      e.  "Jabberwocky,"  by Lewis Carroll
      f.  "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out," by Shel Silverstein
      g.  Lesson - The Ant and the Grasshopper
      h.  What Did I Learn Reflection Essay
      i.   Lessons on Author's Purpose 
19. PAGE 19:  Lesson - The Diary of Anne Frank (Not Complete)
21. PAGE 21:  Good Sites for English and Language Arts
22. PAGE 22:  Under Construction
23. PAGE 23:  Under Construction
24. PAGE 24:  Under Construction
25. PAGE 25:  Under Construction
26. PAGE 26:  Lessons for Fables (Not Complete)
27. PAGE 27:  Lots of Lessons for 7th Grade (Homeless Bird)
28. PAGE 28:  Plenty of Lessons for 8th Grade (Shabanu)
29. PAGE 29:  Some Lessons for 6th Grade (Folklore, Writing, Environment, The Golden Goblet)
30. PAGE 30:  The Pearl (Not Complete)
31. PAGE 31:  Native American Unit and American Folklore Unit plus Writing
32. PAGE 32:  Native American Unit and American Folklore Unit plus Writing
33. PAGE 33:  The Light in the Forest, The Scarlet Letter
34. PAGE 34:  Under Construction
35. PAGE 35:  Under Construction
36. PAGE 36:  Under Construction
37. PAGE 37:  Under Construction
38. PAGE 38:  Under Construction
39. PAGE 39:  IB MYP Unit title: What is Right and What is Wrong? The Impact of an Individual's Culture and Community on an Individual - Novel Unit for The Light in the Forest
40. PAGE 40:  Under Construction