How does environment influence your life?
by Henry Bernal
Nowadays, many factors affect and influence our daily lives, including our environment. It even reminds me about a few book and movie characters that I have read about and seen in class. But in particular, it reminds me of Russel from Dogsong, by Gary Paulsen, and Will Stoneman from Iron Will, a 1994 Walt Disney movie directed by Charles Haid.  I also think about our precious Everglades and how my own environment affects my own personal life.

In Dogsong, Russel constantly had to face the extreme and excruciating weather of his environment. As a matter of fact, Russel had to trust his dogs to save his life because the weather was so extreme, it could have killed him. Unfortunately, Russel could not simply stay indoors and not do anything, for he had to dogsled to feed his dogs and himself. He had the knowledge that Oogruk had given him, but it was a physical trial for survival. For Russel, everyday was an intense journey of challenging weather, and everyday required much skill where just one mistake could mean the difference between living and not living - for Russel had returned to the ways of his ancient people - the old ways of the Inuit to live off the land.

For Will Stoneman, it was no easy life for him, either, for his father died from drowning in a freezing lake - he began to suffer from hypothermia and drowned to his death. After his father's death, Will felt that all hopes and dreams that he could possibly have were crushed. When he found out about the 500-mile race from Winnipeg, Canada, to St. Paul, Minnesota, he was discouraged by his mother, because she knew it was a very dangerous race. He was also discouraged by all the other sledders, because they thought he was still too young to participate. It was an agonizing journey, and some sledders died or were on the verge of death, and it was no different for Will. Though discouraged, and against all odds, he won the race and $10,000 in prize money to save his family's farm. 

The environment around me has even been influencing my own personal life. Unlike Russel or Will, I have the chance for a walk in the park or a day at the beach, primarily because I live in a modern urban area with an enjoyable subtropical climate -  in an area we all know as Miami. But it's not just the the amazing weather that changes my life. The Everglades is a main attraction to those who live in South Florida and it is important to maintain it. If we were to completely destroy and eliminate the Everglades, we would not only lose the tourists, but we would also lose the precious wildlife and the precious plants that occupy it.  The Everglades is also important to us because the water that we use daily, and take for granted, comes from the Everglades' system that constantly fills our aquifier for drinking water.

The environment, overall, has much to do with our lives and can have a great impact. Unfortunately, for Russel in Dogsong, or for Will in Iron Will, the environment did not allow them to take a walk in the park or a day at the beach. Instead, they had to struggle against the extreme weather conditions where a single mistake could have cost them their whole lives. But they could not back down, or they would have died.

My environment affects my own personal life. I may have not had to face conditions near the intensity and extremity of what Russel or Will had to face, but the environment has influenced my life, especially because of the Everglades. If we do not put much importance on the Everglades and not try to protect it - for our sake, and for the sake of the animals that live there - my personal life in South Florida would be greatly influenced, especially if there was not enough drinking water for everyone who lives here.  Without a doubt, the enviromnent can drastically influence the lives of the people that occupy it.
Your Environment and You
By: Thomas Forrest
   Compared to the environments that people used to live in over 50 years ago, today's modern environments are really affecting the people that live in it.  It shows in just about everything that we may interact with in any way possible.  The type of environment that a person may live in can affect his/her personality with enough given time of that person living in such an environment.
    To begin with, one way that an environment can influence someone's personality is that the person, whomever it may be, may want to relive history or do something grand in just about any way, shape, or form.  For example, I live in the state of Florida - also known to some as "Home of the Everglades."  Now, because I know that there is no other Everglades than the one in this state, and no other like it in this world, I like to try to keep from polluting my environment.  Also, I try my best to inspire and encourage other people to try to follow in my footsteps as best as I can.  The environment of the Everglades is very precious to both animals and human life in Florida.  The Everglades is home to a wide variety of endangered animals, and without the Everglades, these different animals would probably die off and become extinct.  In addition, the wide variety of plants living in the Everglades help suck up most of the carbon dioxide that is produced into the atmosphere.  I, personally, like to live in an environment that can help reward my efforts for a cleaner place.  This makes me want to try my hardest to see how far that can get me.
     Usually, when opportunity smacks someone in the face, that person would most likely grab on and hang on for dear life.  In other words: when someone is offered chances that can help better themselves, that person is usually inclined to take these chances and utilize them to the best of their abilities. In the movie
Iron Will, when the family was about to lose their farm after the husband/father died, Will wanted to raise enough money so that he could not only help save the farm, but also pay for the future.  He wanted to save the family farm, provide for his family, and provide for himself a future. Because he looked at the different choices he had(which weren't many) to gaining the needed amount of money, he saw it in the upcoming race with the snow dogs.
     An environment- almost any given one, can make a person really want to help or get involved on extreme levels.  One perfect example of this is given in the book:
Dogsong, by Gary Paulsen. Russel was getting tired of living the way he was and decided that he wanted to relive the old ways. So he went to Oogruk's and his dogs.  As a result, this dogteam and him became one... so to speak.  He was using the dog team to travel places instead of his snow machine.  He changed his way of lliveng because of the environment in which he lived in.  He lived in Alaska and knew that his ancestprs were Natives to the land.  Also, to help find himself, he decided to try his best to follow after how theey used to live. So he acquired weapons that weren't modern that consisted of spears and bows and arrows.  His way of thinking also had changed.  For example, whenever he killed an animal, he would put some type of food in its mouth to his show his respects to its spirits and to thank it for giving him his next meal.  His attitude, as well as his way of thinking, changed because of what he knew about his environment and also because he knew that he knew he was a native.
     An environment has many ways of changing a person.  Whether it changes the way they think or act-for better or for worse, it still has its ways of changing someone.  This has been proven through my personal experiences , the movie known as Iron Will, and the book the book known as Dogsong.
An Environment Can Influence Someone's Life and Personality
By Al'Laiya J. Proff
How can an environment impact, or influence someone's life and/or personality?  Its a simple question really.  We are a part of the environment and the environment is a part of us.  How can we not be influenced?  Personally, the environment is responsible for my character traits today.  I'm a child still - a sponge soaking up and absorbing everything that goes on around me.  My environment - my school and my community - shaped me into the strong, intelligent, courteous individual that I am today.  I must admit, all of my influences  weren't  all positive.  Growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood introduced me to violence, mischief, and profanity.  I'm not saying that I regret growing up in that predicanment - not at all.  I actually thank my old neighborhood; it taught me how to live life to the fullest, because tomorrow is never guaranteed, and I will always take that lesson with me, no matter where I end up in life.

In the novel, Dogsong, by Gary Paulsen, Russel is also heavily influenced by his surroundings. As well as in real life, Russel's environments clash.  The Inuit people hanve now adopted all of these new technologies, and Russel wants to be apart from the growing trend