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Benchmark for Block Day 2
LA. - The student will analyze a variety of text structures (comparison/contrast, cause/effect, chronological order, argument/support. and lists) and text features (main headings with subheadings) and explain their impact on meaning in text.
  Content Focus - Text Structures/Organizational Patterns

Objective for Block Day 2

• The student will compare and contrast main ideas from multiple texts to explain how the Vietnam War Memorial has the power to heal.
• Advanced students will be able to support their conclusions in writing through use of textual details.  Regular students will complete a chart Main Idea/My Conclusion Chart.
Note:  This Lesson may be taught October 3rd and 4th
Novel Unit: The Giver, by Lois Lowry
Who Am I?

*  Unit: Identity
*  IBO-MYP Big Question:  Who Am I?
*  Area of interaction:  Health and Social Issues

* Essential Question:  Who  are you in relation to others?

In the novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, indiviiduality plays an important role. As we read this book, questions students will write and answer individually and discuss in groups are:
  • How do the choices you make define who you are?
  • Why is it important to be able to make your own choices?
  • How can you define who you are by how others see you?
  • Who are you in relation to others?
  • How can you conform to the rules of society and still be an individual?
  • How are you defined by your own morals?
  • What if your own morals differ from the accepted morals of a society?
  • How can your identity change over time – as you live your life?
Day 1 WARM-UP: Before reading the book, have students look at the cover and answer the following questions:
  • From looking at the title and the front cover of the book, what do you think this story will be about?
  • What does the cover make you think of?

Day 1
Essential Question: If you could create a perfect world, what would it be like?


LA. - The student will prewrite by generating ideas from multiple sources (e.g., prior knowledge, discussion with others, writer’s notebook, research materials, or other reliable sources) based on teacher-directed topics and personal interests.

Objective: The student will prewrite by generating ideas from prior knowledge, list-making, and discussion with others to create a written response to the essential question.
• Set a purpose for reading
• Begin to Identify the themes found in
The Giver

Baseline Benchmark:
LA. -
The student will use context clues to determine meanings of unfamiliar words.
• Objective:  While reading
The Giver, students will understand unfamiliar words using context clues.
(Write definitions in your notebook)

1.   jeering

2.   nondescript

3.   chastise

4.   insensitive

5.   conviction

6.   adherence

7.   aptitude

8.   distraught

9.   enhance

10.   nuisance

11.   papable

12.   transgression

13.   wheedle

14.   petulantly

15.   tabulate

16.  remorse

17.   bewildered
Utopia . . . a perfect world . . .
utopia">Utopia (definition)utopia">
<a href="http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/utopia">utopia</a>

Write the definition down in your notebook.
Can Utopias exist in the real world?
Day 1 Agenda:
1. Put the correct heading on your paper and complete the warm-up for Day 1.  Title your paper
The Giver.  You will turn this paper in at the end of the lesson.
2. Write down definition of
Utopia in your notebook .
3. On the sheet of paper to be turned in, write down the Essential Question -  If you could create a perfect world, what would it be like?
4.  List all the things that you would want to be different from the world we live in?
     • What problems exist now that you would like to change? 
     • What does President Obama plan to do to make things better?
     • What does Mitt Romney plan to do to make things better?
5.  List all the things you would keep the same.
     • What do you like about the world you live in?
     • What inventions have made life better that you may want to keep in your “perfect” world.
6. On the same sheet of paper, you used for your warm-up, write a page about how you would create a perfect world .
7. Read Chapter 1 and 2 of
The Giver

Home Learning:
1. Watch the First Presidential Debate.  Explain 2 important issues each candidate discussed in this debate and how each feels about these two issues.
The screen adaptation of The Giver is currently in production.  Jeff Bridges will play the Giver.