The Diary of Anne Frank,
by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett,
A play
based on the book:
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
The Holocaust
What enables individuals
in a society to collectively and individually perpetuate prejudice, extreme victimization and genocide?
1.  Introduction:  What is race?  What are my beliefs about racial differences?
2.  Social Impact of Racial Discrimination:
What are some of the causes racial discrimination?  How does it impact the citizens of a society?
3.  Positive Steps Against Racial Discrimination:
What is being done to address racial discrimination?
What can you do?  How can you influence others?

4.  Reflection:  What did I learn about the Holocaust and Anne Frank.  How did I learn about it?  What di I like best about this unit?
Advanced Students:  The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen
Gifted Students:
Night, by Elie Wiesel
All Students:  "The Diary of Anne Frank," a play
by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Based on the Book: 
ANNE FRANK:  The Diary of a Young Girl
1.  Students will read the play, "The Diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett."
2.  Students will watch a video about the Holocaust, "Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died,"  and take notes
3.  Students will watch the video, "The Diary of Anne Frank,." and fill out a Character Traits Chart on Anne and complete a Story Elements Chart.
4.  Advanced students will read, in class,
The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen.
5.  Gifted students will read, in class, 
Night, by Elie Wiesel
6.  Students will research different aspects of racial discrimination and its impact on society during different time periods.
7.  Gifted tudents will read selections from
Voices of the Holocaust (The Literature & Thought from Perfection Learning Series).
Daily/Weekly Activities:
1.  Thirty-five minutes of silent reading and journal writing, except on test days (every Wednesday). Starting April 9th, eighth grade students will read the novel selections and complete journal assignments during this time.
2.  There will be a test every week and tests count as 3 grades.  Tests are not open notebook.  Students must study for each test.
3.  Students will read the assigned reading for this unit in class, and answer teacher-made questions and questions from the textbook, McDougal Littel's The Language of Litterature, and from Voices of the Holocaust (The Literature &Thought from Perfection Learning Series).
4.  Students will take notes and keep a Character Traits Chart on Each Character and a Story Map as they read "The Diary of Anne Frank."
Book Report Assignments:
Essay and Poetry Writing:
1.  Students will participate in school-wide Book Report Project Contests.
2.  Students will have two Book Report Assignments.
1.  Students will have essay and poetry writng assignments.
2.  The best student writing will be selected for contest submission.
IBMYP Project
Students will complete an Interdisciplinary Project on a famous person of minority status
from anywhere in the world.
Click on the sun to get a list of middle school. books to read.  Check the lexile level!  Note, this list is from Duval Coounty, Florida, and includes suggested books from the Sunshine State Standard.
                                     Night, by Elie Wiesel
1.  Where is Signet located?
2.  Describe Moshe, the Beadle, at the beginning of the chapter and later on in Chapter 1.
3.  Why didn't the people in Sighet believe what Moshe told them about what had happened to him?
4.  How did Moshe change?
5.  How did the Jews of Signet begin to lose their rights?
6.  What is a ghetto?
7.  What was Eliezer's father like?  What was his position in the Jewish community?
8.  Why were the Jews of Sighet joyful by the news on the radio in late 1942 and 1943?
                        The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen
1.  Chaya was Hanah's Hebrew name, who  was Chaya in the past?
2.  Why was Grandpa Will upset about the numbers Hannah put on her arm using ink?
3.  Who were the relatives that Grandpa Will and Grandma Belle lost during the Holocaust?
4.  Where is Lublin?
5.  When Hannah went through the door to the past what were they prepa
ring for?