Novels for 2011-2012


3rd: Grading Period: 
The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare

Area of Interaction:  Community and Service

Guiding Question:  How does culture affect the role of women in a society?

4th: Grading Period: 

Maus I and Maus II, by

Area of Interaction:  Human Ingenuity

Guiding Question:  How Can Human Ingenuity help a person to survive
1st Grading Period (2009-2010)
Aug. 17 - Oct. 29

FCAT: Baseline Benchmark Assessments (8/31-9/11)

NDMS Reading Instructional Focus Calendar:
Aug. 24 - Sept. 25
*  Comparisons (LA.A.2.2.7)
*  Cause-Effect (LA.E.2.2.1)
Sept. 28 - Oct. 9
*  Words & Phrases (LA.A.1.3.2) - Content Focus
1.  Analyze words/text
2.  Conclusions/Inferences
3.  Context
* Main Idea, Plot and Purpose  - Content Focus:
Oct. 12 - Oct. 23 (LA.A.2.3.1)
1.  Details/Facts
2.  Main Idea/Essential Message
3.  Patterns of Organization
Oct. 26 - Oct 29 (LA.A.2.3.2)
1.  Author's Point of View
2.  Author's Purpose
The Contender, by Robert Lipsyte
Area of Interaction:  Health and Social Education
Guiding Question:  How do our choices shape who we are and who we become?

The Internet sites below relate this novel to our classroom's international country, The Netherlands:

Amsterdam "Cracks Down" on Gangs

Dutch Atheletes (Cross Reference Names)

Boxing Day in the Netherlands

Arnold Vanderlyde: Famous Dutch Boxer and Olympian

Education in Holland

Poetry with the Theme:  Identiity
FCAT Benchmark: Compare and Contrast - Comparing Literary Works
Excerpt from "Song of Myself," by Walt Whitman
"I'm Nobody,"  by Emily Dickinson
"Me," by Walter de la Mare
"Identity," by Julio Noboa

Poetry Writing Lesson:  Writing an "I Am"  Poem
Portrait Poem Example 2

Mc Dougal Littell:  Literature Connections:The Contender, (2002)
from Champions (1993), "Mohammad Ali," by Bill Littlefield

Fiction with the theme: "Moments That Matter,"
Mc Dougal Littell: The Language of Literature Grade 8 (2003)
Short Story:  "The Moustache" by Robert Cormier,  page 395

Fiction with the theme: Decisions Don't Come Easily
Mc Dougal Littell: Bridges to Literature, Level III, (2002):
Short Story:  "The Lady or the Tiger?" by Frank L. Stockton, retold by Sue Baugh, page 232

Fiction with the theme: No Turning Back
Mc Dougal Littell: Bridges to Literature, Level II, (2002):
Historical Fiction:  "Baseball Saved Us," by Ken Mochizuki, page 4

Fiction with the themes: Choices and Taking Chances
Mc Dougal Littell: The Language of  Literature, 8, (2002):
Poetry:  "Choices," by Nikki Giovanni, page 417 
Short Story:  "The Bet," by Anton Chekhov, page 285
Short Story:  "The Third Wish," by Joan Aiken, page 672
Short Story:  "The Monkey's Paw," by W. W. Jacobs, page 680
2nd Grading Period: Nov. 2-Jan. 21
FCAT: Interim Assessment Tests
(12/14-12/18 or 1/4-1/15)
Midterm Examination Time frame: (1/11-1/21)

NDMS Reading Instructional Focus Calendar:
*  Main Idea, Plot and Purpose
Nov. 2 - Nov. 6 (LA.A.2.3.2) - Content Focus
1.  Author's Point of View
2.  Author's Purpose
Nov. 9 - Nov 27 - (LA.E.2.3.1) - Content Focus
1. Character Development
2.  Plot Development
3.  Conflict Resolution
4.  Setting/Tone
*  Reference and Research
Nov. 30 - Dec. 11 - (LA.A.2.3.5) - Content Focus
1.  Locates, organizes, and interprets information
2.  Synthesizes information
Dec. 14 - Dec. 18 - (LA.A.2.3.8) - Content Focus
1.  Strong vs. Weak argument
2.  Validity/accuracy of information
January:  Begin Review of all Benchmarks
Dogsong, By Gary Paulsen
Area of Interaction:  Environment
Guiding Question:  How can an environment affect someone's personality?

Mc Dougal Littell: Bridges to Literature, Level III, (2002):
Short Story:  "Two Were Left," by Hugh B. Cave, page 216
Poem:  "Dust of Snow," by Robert Frost, page 160

Mc Dougal Littell:  Literature Connections: Dog Song, (2002)
Poetry:  from "I Breathe a New Song," Eskimo Poetry Selected by  Richard Lewis (1971), page 139
Essay:  "Who Am I," by Patty Harjo, page 143

Mc Dougal Littell: The Language of Literature, 8, (2002):
Poetry: "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," by Robert Frost, page 390
Nonfiction: "A Running Brook of Horror," by Daniel P. Mannix, page 574

From the Internet:
We will be focusing on Water in South Florida and The Everglades, Water in the Netherlands, and Alaska.

Prentice Hall Literature: Silver Edition (1991)
Poetry Unit: Facets of Nature, pages 571-581

For Reference and Research,               
Click on to the topics below:
Curriculum Interaction Reference
Author Profile: Gary Paulsen
Eskimos and Native People of the North
Arctic Wildlife
Teaching Guides for Dogsong and Hatchet
The Elfstedentocht - The Great Dutch Ice Skating Marathon
"Dutch See Famous Ice Skating Race Melt Away,"AP/msnbc October 24, 2008
Netherlands, Land and water
Florida's Forgotten Storm: The Hurricane of 1928